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DataIntegrity is 1 Year Old!

September 22, 2010

Thats right!  This blog is officially 1.

Since I am a ‘data geek’ here are a few stats about our past revolution around the sun:

Total Visits: 6,341

Monthly Growth: 15.7%

Total Posts: 26

I would like to hear what topics you the readers would like to see before this time next year.



June 29, 2010

Unfortunately SSIS does not have an SFTP connector which can obviously cause issues when trying to GET or PUT to/from an SFTP server.  Thankfully, Clement Prashant Baker posted an article regarding a workaround that does not require 3rd party software and does the job fairly well.  By downloading WinSCP, you can call their command line utility from an execute process task in SSIS.

Executable: C:\Program Files\WinSCP\

Arguments: -script=C:\DATA\USSCO\IMAGES\sftp.extract


Currency Conversions in SSIS

May 3, 2010

Capturing Real-Time Currency Conversions in SSIS

This article shows how to convert currency using SSIS. A web service task makes an external call to a web service to capture up-to-date exchange rates. The really cool part about this article is that it shows how to configure: web service tasks, recordset destinations and a for-each loop to shred a recordset.