Context Data Mining

A lot of companies are placing big bets that location services similar to Facebook Places are going to significantly change marketing, advertising and social networking in the coming years.  While some are still skeptical, I think leveraging the data mined from location services (or from a number of other places for that matter) will help in context aware applications.  Context aware applications are capable of giving us relevant information based on where we are located and/or the activity that we are performing.  The CNN money article Data mining your digital footprints speaks about two really cool “context-aware” applications worth reading.

CabSense – is a application that helps users find the best location to hail a cab based on their current location and time of day.  Using free data from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission, CabSense uses a predictive algorithm (based on GPS location and where a cab driver turned his meter on/off) to show users where the highest likelyhood of hailing a cab will be.

CitySense – tracks where each of its users frequent and builds a demographic profile for that user. “For instance, if CitySense notices that you spend much of your time at inexpensive eateries, late-night clubs and a college campus, it assumes that you’re a student. Using a color-coded map, CitySense shows you where other members of your demographic are congregating in real time.”


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