BP(K*D) = i

Hey readers,  here is an excerpt from another blogger Jeff McQuigg

The full post can be found here.

I think the most interesting part about this post is discerning the difference between BI and DW.  It reminds me of the telescope/microscope analogy:  BI is about making reactive and more importantly proactive business decisions.  While some BI may involve analyzing historical trends, the newer the data, the more relevant it is.

“…The first word of BI is Business, the first word of DW is Data… BI is the application of knowledge to data in order to produce information valuable to a business process. bp(k * d) = i if you will. Data comes from one or more sources such as data warehouse or a transactional system. By itself, data is useless. However, when business experience and knowledge go to work on that data, guided by a specific business process, important insights and intelligence can be identified. As business processes or knowledge about that business change, the same raw data can be used to develop new intelligence…”

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