Dynamic SQL using CHARINDEX

Recently I was called upon to create a new field from an existing field.  The specifications called for the new field to be composed of any data between two dashes.  The dashes could be at any positional value and the data between the dashes was not a consistent length.  

The existing field contained data similar to:
  •  ABC-12345-AB1
  • AB-13456-123
  • 123-12347-X
  • ABC-123562-CB
  • 1-1234-1

To accomplish this task,  I used CHARINDEX and SUBSTRING

Below is the final statement:

DECLARE @find varchar(30)

SET @find = ‘A-1234-1’


NEW_FIELD = CAST(SUBSTRING(@find,(CHARINDEX(‘-‘,@find,1)+1),((CHARINDEX(‘-‘,@find,(CHARINDEX(‘-‘,@find,1)+1))-(CHARINDEX(‘-‘,@find,1)))-1)) as VARCHAR(30))


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