Zip Utility Compression Test

No matter how much storage space you have, it’s never seems to be enough.  This is when file compression can become crucial to saving space on your file system, moving files quickly between servers and performing day-to-day tasks.  With just a quick search there are an overwhelming number of file compression utilities on the market.  This post outlines a test of 3 popular utilities for both file compression and execution time.

The 3 utilities I am going to test will be WinZip 12.1, WinRAR 3.90 & 7-Zip 4.65.  I wrote a previous post that used 7-zip to dynamically zip files in SSIS, so this should be a good test to see how well 7-zip performs.

The control is a text file that is 167,856 KB.  Using the 3 tools, I am going to create 5 formats: 3 .zips, 1 .rar, 1 .7z.  with all of the tools able to create .zip files.

Utility Format Time (sec) Size (KB) Compression %
WinRar RAR 0.28 20,208 12.03%
WinRar ZIP 0.08 24,923 14.84%
7-zip 7Z 1.19  1,147 00.68%
7-zip ZIP 0.44 23,783 14.16%
WinZip ZIP 0.23 24,382 14.52%

Through this experiment, it appears that 7-zip provides the best compression while WinRar has the fastest execution time.  7-zip provides the best compression when creating .zip files as well.


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